ROBERT CINI BAND!! A dream coming true! Passport to Airlie Competition 2023

So you may or may not have seen me share recently a clip or two of me playing with some other musicians.  I haven’t really made an official announcement and you might’ve even worked it out, but for the past 5 months or so we have been cooking up the Robert Cini Band.  Yeeessss!


Things have been coming together nicely and I’m super excited that with the help of these 4 other legends we are bringing new life to these original songs in a live setting. We are getting ready for our first public hit out on the 3rd September at the Passport to Airlie Comp at the Jack in Cairns.  This will be so much fun and we are all really looking forward to sharing these songs with you in a way you have never heard them live before!  We’d be tickled pink to see you there and have your support to cheer us on and there’s also a people’s choice vote that could help us mega in getting to the final.

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