The Robert Cini Band WINS Passport to Airlie Final

An incredible day/night yesterday!!

The band and I were blown away that we managed to win the Cairns regional final of Passport To Airlie.

Thank you to everyone at Passport To Airlie and Airlie Beach Festival Of Music , including all the staff and sponsors for an awesome competition. 

I want to mention all the amazingly talented artists and bands who played in the final Hannah May, The Zephyrbees, Enemy of Anemone,, @Pelicana, Phoebe Over, The Love Handles what an amazing show of original FNQ music to be part of. A Big shout out to Kris Hutchinson and Bobby Maguire Music for all the hours of work you put in to make it all happen. And for the epic special guest performance you fellas put on. 

Thank you so so much to all of our friends and family who came from near and far to cheer us on. Please know that we truly could not have done this without you!!

A super special thank you to my amazing bandmates Barry Koch , Max Koch, Tanya Murphy Music, Joel Devereux I am so grateful for everything you do and the ride we are on! Let's ROCK it in Airlie

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