Snapping Tours Party Cruise

4 McGowan Drive, Innisfail

Live Music Cruise 30th of November 2018 (live music with Robert Cini)

Jump on board Johnstone River Cruises for a Cruise along the Johnstone River! Whether you want to catch up with mates or enjoy a nice relaxing Friday night, this Cruise has got you covered

We will be running two cruises during the night! The bar will open at 5:00pm and the first cruise will depart at 5:30pm, where we will cruise the river for 1.5 hours! The second tour will depart at 7:30pm and the cruise will once again be 1.5 hours! After the two tours are completed, the boat will stay alongside the wharf and the bar will remain open until late, so you can come and go whenever you would like to